Current Focus of ACORN Research

The direction and focus of ACORN research activities is continually adapting to our practices’ interests, funding opportunities, and the latest thinking on primary care design.  Currently, ACORN has three main foci for its research endeavors.  These foci include:

  1. Healthcare system redesign to better inform, engage, and activate patients in their care
  1. Addressing the root causes and social determinants that impact health and wellbeing.
  1. Understanding and measuring quality in primary care.
Video about the State of ACORN
Benefits of Membership

Membership in ACORN provides a number of benefits that can produce tangible outcomes for practices within a relatively short time frame.  Benefits include:

  • Learn what other practices throughout Virginia are thinking and doing
  • Participate in novel innovations to improve primary care
  • Get support to answer research questions
  • Receive support to help improve practice workflow
  • Partner with community programs to help care for your patients
  • Have a national influence on how to make healthcare better